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Breast Implant Complications and Care

You want your breasts to look beautiful.  But, equally important, you want them to feel soft and move naturally.  And you want a safe, easy, and natural way to keep them that way.

b.i.SECRET is the solution -- a safe, effective, 100% natural herbal formula that's guaranteed to help you attain and then maintain the healthy, beautiful body of your dreams.  Breast implants so soft, so pliable, so natural... it's your secret.

The 1st Herbal Formula Developed Specifically  for Women with Implants

b.i.SECRET is the 100% natural, 100% safe, 100% guaranteed solution you've been waiting for.  Depending on your needs, b.i.SECRET can help  you:

Based on Clinically Supported Science and Lab-Tested

Cited in over 10,000 scientific studies and supported by clinical research, active compounds in the patent-pending and lab-tested b.i.SECRET formula have been proven as safe as they are effective -- and, best of all, are 100% natural with no unwanted or dangerous side effects.  (Read Ingredient safety)

And, unlike synthetic drugs, the natural ingredients in b.i.SECRET work with the body's own healing instincts and innate wisdom.  By inhibiting inflammation and providing natural antibiotic protection, as well as encouraging the collagen structure needed to repair damaged and/or scarred  tissues and develop healthy tissue in its place, b.i.SECRET helps the body do what it naturally wants to do -- heal, maintain, and protect itself.

Developed by a Woman (practitioner of Alternative Medicine) with Breast Implants for Women with Breast Implants

No one knows a problem so well as someone who has experienced it.  Initially formulated by one of our partners, Michelle, a practitioner of alternative medicine who has breast implants and experienced some of the problems that can develop from them, b.i.SECRET is the only product of its kind on the market – a natural, safe, effective, and guaranteed herbal formula created specifically for women with breast implants by a woman with breast implants.

b.i.SECRET because…

The decision to have breast augmentation doesn't start and then stop with the surgery.  Rather, it represents a continuum of potential consequences and concerns that will stretch throughout a woman's life, involving her whole body and every aspect of her health, and b.i.SECRET is designed to help every step of the way.

Because the truth is, you don't just "get" breast implants, you live with them, and b.i.SECRET is designed to make that life – in both the short and the long term – as healthy as it is beautiful.  You made the decision to get implants, now make the choice to live with them as wisely, responsibly, and safely as possible.

b.i.SECRET is:

  • The solution you've been waiting for:  the only 100% safe, 100% natural, 100% guaranteed supplement for women with breast implants on the market today.
  • The only natural herbal formula specifically researched, developed, and marketed to women with breast implants for the sole purpose of helping them attain and then maintain healthy, soft, natural-looking and natural-feeling breasts.
  • The result of over a decade of expert research, clinically supported science, and lab-tested formulation and manufacturing.
  • The only product of its kind on the market… a product developed by a woman (practitioner of alternative medicine) with breast implants for women with breast implants.

b.i.SECRET, finally:

the softness you deserve
Please Note: b.i.SECRET™ is a dietary supplement designed to support nomal bodily function.  It is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease.
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