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Is b.i.SECRET safe?

b.i.SECRET is a select formulation of natural ingredients with a long history of use and a scientifically documented record of safety.

With an established history of decades of over-the-counter availability in the United States and Europe as well as clinical use by physicians in Europe and Asia, the constituent ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been proven as safe as they are effective. 

Over 10,000 scientific studies cite the 100% natural herbal ingredients in b.i.SECRET, simultaneously substantiating their safety and documenting a history of exhaustive research and rigorous objective analyses.

In addition, at every step of the manufacturing process the ingredients in the b.i.SECRET formula undergo repeated testing and analysis to ensure both purity and accuracy.  The b.i.SECRET manufacturing lab is FDA registered, ISO (International Safety Organization) certified, and Organically certified. 

b.i.SECRET is manufactured according to the highest industry standards including current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  These are the strictest internationally recognized standards applied to the manufacture and quality control testing of pharmaceuticals.  GMP programs require an independent audit of a manufacturer’s facilities, procedures, training, sanitation and personnel, with oversight, inspection and enforcement by the FDA, thereby ensuring that the highest industry standards are being followed for optimal ingredient purity, product quality, and consumer safety.

Upon completion of the final phase of production, product purity is then further verified through a series of independent 3rd party analyses and tests.  These practices not only meet but exceed current United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards for dietary supplements.  From planning to production, from initial analyses to final testing, b.i.SECRET is produced with the highest standards of safety, purity, and quality in mind. 

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Please Note: b.i.SECRET™ is a dietary supplement designed to support nomal bodily function.  It is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease.
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