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Preparing for Breast Augmentation

According to proven scientific studies, if taken in the months before breast augmentation surgery the ingredients in b.i.SECRET will work…

  • to potentiate a 50% quicker than average healing time after surgery (as measured by a significant reduction in post-surgical inflammation and its symptoms of swelling, edema, bruising, and pain)
  • as a proven anti-inflammatory, clearing away any low-level chronic inflammation that might endanger your results after surgery
  • as a natural antibiotic, fighting any pre-exisitng infection lingering in your system from previous surgery, dental work, or injury
  • to develop the strong and healthy connective tissue needed for post-surgical deep tissue and surface skin repair in and around the surgical site
  • to enhance and strengthen collagen for minimal external and internal scarring after surgery

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been clinically proven to reduce by over 50% the bruising, swelling, pain, and healing time following both surgical procedures and instances of blunt injury.  Research indicates that in surgeries the greatest effectiveness is obtained from a regimen that includes dosing both before and after surgery

In addition, ingredients in b.i.SECRET are proven effective in reducing existing inflammation.  Since low-level inflammation is a condition estimated to affect many if not most people, and since inflammation is one of the major complicating factors after breast augmentation surgery, taking b.i.SECRET before breast augmentation in order to reduce any pre-existing inflammation makes good sense and may reduce the chances for the development of complications after surgery.

Also, although infection is a risk in all surgeries, it is of particular concern in breast augmentation surgery.  Infection is counted among the factors that may contribute to complications (including capsular contracture) following breast augmentation.  Taken in the months before breast augmentation surgery, the natural antibiotic protection of ingredients in b.i.SECRET may minimize the risk of a pre-existing infection impacting results after surgery. 

Connective tissue is the web-like collagen-rich tissue that gives our body its structural integrity.  Ingredients in b.i.SECRET are proven to encourage development of healthy and normal connective tissue, whereas excessive or abnormal development of connective tissue is called "fibrosis" and is a common post-surgical feature of complications following breast augmentation, including capsular contracture (a condition characterized by excessive and chronic thickening of the fibrous "capsule" the body builds around the implant). 

By enhancing collagen and promoting healthy connective tissue before breast augmentation surgery you will be preparing your body to meet the challenges it will face during and immediately after surgery, insuring rapid and normal post-surgical repair of both injured deep tissue and more superficial surface skin, as well as minimal external and internal scar formation.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend taking b.i.SECRET (or any other dietary supplement) in the two weeks just prior to surgery.  Follow your doctor’s instructions and discontinue b.i.SECRET (and any other vitamins and supplements) in the weeks before your surgery date. 

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