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Breast Augmentation Recovery

The months just after breast augmentation surgery are statistically the most vulnerable period in terms of the likelihood of developing complications.  b.i.SECRET has been specifically designed to address each of the major healing challenges presented to the body during this especially vulnerable post-operative period.

In fact, ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been clinically proven to reduce the average healing time from surgery by over 50% -- as measured by a reduction in post-surgical inflammation, swelling, bruising, edema, infection, and pain. 

Such rapid healing is, of course, desirable for all post-surgical patients -- but quick and complete healing is especially important for breast augmentation patients.  We’ll review four reasons why below.

1) Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s first line of defense and, after any surgery, a certain amount of initial inflammation is natural and even protective.  But prolonged and/or excessive inflammation can, (in addition to causing more swelling, bruising, edema, and pain), weaken and even destroy stressed and already injured tissue around the surgical site.  By reducing post-surgical inflammation the ingredients in b.i.SECRET keep the natural healing process of the body from turning into a self-destructive process. 

Reducing and/or limiting inflammation is especially important in breast implant surgery.  In breast augmentation the body is presented with “foreign” objects (the breast implants) which it interprets as a permanent threat, thus reacting with even more than the usual post-surgical inflammation.  Chronic inflammation after breast augmentation is, in fact, the most common feature in all subsequent serious complications.

A 50% reduction in the usual post-surgical inflammation, swelling, edema, and bruising also means that implants may drop faster and more easily.  Surgically damaged tissues and muscles of the chest swell and tighten around the newly placed implant and, if inflammation is prolonged or excessive, may be a factor in keeping implants in their original, abnormally high position.  Less inflammation means less swelling and tightening, so the damaged chest muscle will loosen and relax faster, encouraging the new implants to follow gravity and drop into proper position. 

2) Wound healing

Wound healing represents a complex process involving a variety of individual cells and specific tissues, but specifically connective tissue.  Ingredients in b.i.SECRET support development of healthy connective tissue at the surgical site.  This is important because if the reparative development of connective tissue becomes excessive, (a process called “fibrosis”), the resulting abnormal build-up of tissue can cause chronic tenderness, pain, thickening of breast tissue, lumpiness and even disfigurement.

By reinforcing the cross-linking of collagen and subsequent development of healthy connective tissue, the b.i.SECRET formula supports thorough healing of the entire surgical area.  This includes not only healing of the surgical incision and immediately surrounding tissue but also of the “pocket” created by the surgeon for the implants to drop into.

Rapid and complete healing of the surgically damaged muscles and tissue of these “pockets” may insure that these tissues are (and stay) healthy and strong enough to support the new implants in their proper position, reducing the likelihood of implant displacement or "bottoming out."

3) Minimal Scarring

Connective tissue also plays a role in scar formation.  Hypertrophic and keloid scars (scars that over-develop and result in significant skin deformation) are characterized by a prolonged phase of inflammatory (also called “immature”) scar formation, a phase that may last for months or even years without ever reaching the maturation phase.  In effect, the body keeps working so hard and ceaselessly to repair itself that it ends up undermining its own efforts. 

Continually reacting as though it had just been injured -- even months or years after the initial injury or surgery -- a prolonged hyper-inflammatory response can lead to excessive internal and/or external scarring and a subsequent and generalized tightening of the scarred tissues in and around the surgery site. 

The b.i.SECRET formula contains ingredients proven to reduce the inflammatory (immature) phase of scar formation while simultaneously enhancing the maturation phase of scar formation.  The faster the mature phase of scar formation is reached, the faster the wound heals and the less scarring (internal and external) occurs.

4) Infection

Although a risk in all surgeries, infection is of particular concern in breast implant surgery.  Research suggests that many post-surgical complications following breast augmentation (including capsular contracture) are correlated with infection.  Infection following breast augmentation can be the result of a pre-exisitng infection in the patient, or of  bacterial contamination of the implant introduced during surgery, or the result of a secondary post surgical infection. 

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET provide proven natural antibiotic protection.  These select ingredients are scientifically proven to be as effective as conventional antibiotics in treating a variety of infectious processes including the deadly and dreaded “staph” (staphylococcal) infection so prevalent in hospitals and surgical centers today.

Natural antibiotic compounds such as the ingredients in the b.i.SECRET formula are preferable to synthetic antibiotics in a number of ways.  (For a discussion of this read How it Works: Infection.)

For a more detailed discussion of the scientific benefits of taking b.i.SECRET after breast augmentation read:  How it Works

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