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Can b.i.SECRET help breast implants to drop?

The answer is a qualified “yes.”

The answer is qualified because there are a number of factors influencing when, how, and if implants will “drop” into their desired position after breast augmentation surgery. 

Possible factors include: the original height and positioning of the implant by the surgeon; the dimensions of the intended “pocket” created by the surgeon in the chest wall for the implant to drop into; and the degree and duration of swelling and tightness of the patient’s chest muscles and tissues after surgery. 

It is only in relation to this last factor that b.i.SECRET may potentially help to speed and ease the dropping of implants.

By inhibiting post-surgical inflammation and its corollary effects of tissue swelling, bruising, tightening, and edema, the ingredients in b.iSECERT may encourage traumatized chest tissue around the implant to untighten and relax faster than it otherwise might.  Such accelerated relaxation of surrounding tissue  naturally and gently loosens the implant from its initial and abnormally high position, allowing it to more readily and easily drop into its slightly lower intended position in the surgically prepared “pocket.’

b.i.SECRET’s antibiotic action may play a role in this as well.  Infection invites inflammation and tissue destruction, and, by providing natural antibiotic protection ingredients in the b.i.SECRET formula may further inhibit possible inflammation (and its swelling and tissue destruction) by fighting infection.

In addition, by encouraging rapid healing via the development of normal and healthy connective tissue, the b.i.SECRET formula may help insure the strength and integrity of the pocket itself, thereby helping it to initially support and then long-term hold the newly dropped implant in place, reducing the likelihood of implant displacement or "bottoming out."

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