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Breast Implant Care and Complications

According to the FDA consumer handbook on breast implants: "Local complications (from breast implants) accumulate over the lifetime of the implant, and they have not been well studied."  This means that breast implant problems are cumulative (that is, specific problems worsen with the addition or in the presence of other problems), they can be expected to develop over time, and they are not well understood. 

In some cases, the development of breast implant problems may be rapid (say within the first 1- 6 months after surgery), while in others the process may be more gradual, with an implant problem that at first seems minimal gradually worsening.  In still other cases, problems with implants just suddenly appear, seemingly at random and out of the blue, the destructive effects having been building silently over time and not becoming evident until many months or even years into the process.

Breast Implant Care and b.i.SECRET

b.i.SECRET has been specifically designed to address the unpredictable nature of breast implant problems.  Every day and with every dose the ingredients in b.i.SECRET help the body do what it naturally wants to do – heal, maintain, and protect itself.  So even before a breast implant problem appears, the underlying destructive processes that would create it are gently and naturally healed and the problem averted. 

This is possible because, though it is not yet understood what triggers the most pernicious and common breast implant problems (nor why their occurence differs so from one woman to the next), the destructive processes that characterize these problems -- such as chronic inflammation, infection, and fibrosis -- are, fortunately, very well understood.

Breast Inflammation and b.i.SECRET

INFLAMMATION:  Local inflammation after breast augmentation can occur at any time, from hours after surgery to many years afterward.  But while initial inflammatory responses by the body following surgery are natural and even helpful to the healing process, if prolonged or excessive, chronic inflammation will not only inhibit healing but can weaken and destroy surrounding tissue and cause numerous and ongoing complications.  (Read more about Chronic Inflammation in How it Works)

The ingredients in b.i.SECRET are scientifically proven to work against both initial and chronic forms of inflammation.  With every dose ingredients in b.i.SECRET protect against any initial development of inflammation by actively inhibiting, step by step, the physiological mechanisms that create the inflammatory response.  By protecting against initial inflammation, chronic inflammation is averted. 

In cases where chronic inflammation already exists, ingredients in b.i.SECRET use the same step by step deactivation of the underlying mechanisms of inflammation to support gradual healing of inflamed tissue, while simultaneously encouraging the long-term development, maintenance, and protection of healthy tissue.

Breast tissue infection and b.i.SECRET

INFECTION:  Infection (and its insidious and destructive processes) has also been repeatedly correlated with complications from breast augmentation, though the possible source of such infection continues to be debated.  Theories include contamination of the implant itself during surgery; a secondary post-surgical infection acquired months or even years later; or even a pre-existing infection in the patient prior to her breast augmentation surgery, lingering perhaps from a past surgery, prior dental work, or earlier injury. 

So once again, though the pernicious processes of infection are well understood, the source and/or cause(s) of infection following augmentation surgery are not.  Thus infection looms as an unpredictable but statistically probable danger for any woman with breast implants.  And since infection can happen at any time, that threat is as real in the years following surgery as it is in the first months after surgery. 

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET provide proven natural antibiotic protection.  These select ingredients are scientifically proven to be as effective as conventional antibiotics in treating a variety of infectious processes.  Natural antibiotics are preferable to synthetic antibiotics in a number of ways (read more in How it Works: Infection), and with none of the dangerous or unpleasant side effects of synthetic drugs can be taken regularly for continuous and long term protection

Fibrosis and b.i.SECRET

FIBROSIS:  Fibrosis is an excessive development of connective tissue.  It is an abnormal variation of a normal response of the body's reparative process following injury or surgery, or as a reactive process when the body reacts (or, more accurately, over-reacts) in a defensive manner to an instigating agent (for example, a breast implant).  For instance, the creation of a fibrous capsule around a newly placed breast implant is normal -- the implant is a foreign object and the body seeks to isolate it in order to protect itself.  This happens with all implanted devices, not just breast implants. 

However, if the body continues to react in this defensive way, thereby creating a thicker and thicker capsule, this becomes an example of fibrosis and can result in eventual tissue destruction, as well as tightening, shrinking, and internal scarring of both the fibrous capsule itself and of tissue around the implant/capsule area, a condition called CAPSULAR CONTRATURE.  (read more in How it Works: Chronic Inflammation and Capsular Contracture

The ingredients in b.i.SECRET support rapid initial healing and long-term health of the entire surgical area.  By encouraging development of normal and healthy connective tissue, the biSECRET formula discourages development of abnormal and excessive tissue.  In addition, such healthy tissue will help insure that the area around the implants stays strong enough year after year to support the implants in their proper position, reducing the likelihood of implant displacement or "bottoming out."


To summarize then, by inhibiting inflammation, protecting against infection, and discouraging fibrosis, b.iSECRET supports the body’s instinctive efforts to monitor, safeguard, and heal itself.  And your body needs that support as much in the years following your breast augmentation surgery as it does in the vulnerable months just after.

Not least because -- though chronic inflammation, infection, fibrosis, and other local complications following breast augmentation may seem (until they happen to you) like only statistical probabilities, -- what is certain is that over time your body will change.  The body you have when you undergo breast augmentation will not be the same body you’ll have 2 years, 5 years, 12 or  20 years later.

Over a woman’s lifetime her body will encounter many challenges that result in physiological stresses as unpredictable as they are inevitable.  These include: childbirth, nursing, hormonal shifts, gaining or losing weight, thyroid issues, adrenal depletion, immune system stresses, aging, and many others.   b.i.SECRET is designed to work with your body’s own natural rhythms and cycles, gently and naturally supporting its instinctive efforts to accommodate and adapt to life’s stresses and surprises. 

b.i.SECRET -- an answer that works, and keeps working.

Because life’s unpredictable, you need a solution that’s not.  Safe, gentle, and non-addictive, you can rely on the 100% natural ingredients in b.i.SECRET to promote continual physiological adjustment and optimal breast health in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. 

Because you don’t just “get” breast implants, you live with them, and b.i.SECRET is designed to make that life as healthy as it is beautiful in both the short and the long term.  You made the decision to get implants, now make the decision to live with them as wisely, responsibly, and safely as possible.

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