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Capsular Contracture Symptoms and Treatment

The ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been proven effective in reversing the most common long-term problems with breast implants.  Although all such breast implant problems share the most common general symptom of "chronic inflammation,"  some more specific symptoms will vary between women and may include chronic breast pain, unexplained infection in the breast, excessive development of connective tissue around the breast implant (a process called "fibrosis") resulting in internal scarring and an increasingly uncomfortable and unnatural breast firmness.   The constellation of these symptoms after breast augmentation has been labeled "capsular contracture." 

Breast Implants and Capsular Contracture

After breast augmentation the body creates a "capsule" of fibrotic tissue around the new breast implants.  This encapsulation of the implants is the body's way of defending against these "foreign objects," and is a natural process that happens with all implants, not just breast implants.   

Capsular contracture results when this natural process becomes over-zealous and, rather than being self-limited, the fibrotic tissue continues to grow around the implant unchecked, increasingly tightening aound the implant and creating a variety of the symptoms mentioned above (and explained below) including further inflammation, infection, pain, continued fibrosis (and its shrinking and scarring of tissues) and sometimes deformation of the breast.

In order to truly understand capsular contracture well enough to treat it, it is necessary to look at and understand each of these symptoms individually. 

Breast Implants and Chronic Inflammation

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION:  "Chronic inflammation" is a general and rather vague umbrella term used to denote any ongoing inflammatory response in the body -- regardless of its cause.  In the case of breast implants, chronic inflammation is a catch-all description for any number of destructive processes and their effects, ranging from relatively mild and occasional breast discomfort to chronic pain and/or actual physical distortion of the breast. 

The ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been scientifically and repeatedly proven to work to resolve chronic inflammation and the destructive processes that charcterize it, and the b.iSECRET formula has been carefully designed to address the specific types of inflammation and destructive processes common to complications from breast augmentation.  

The anti-inflammatory action of b.i.SECRET is, in some respects, the same as that of Accolate and SIngulair, two drugs often prescribed by conventional medicine for capsular contracture.  Both these drugs and the b.i.SECRET formula inhibit leukotrienes (molecules that contribute to inflammation), but b.i.SECRET's 100% natural ingredients have no toxicity and no dangerous side effects.  (Read more about the danger of these drugs in How it Works: Chronic Inflammation and Current Treatments

Unlike these pharmaceutical drugs, however, the ingredients in b.i.SECRET do much more than merely inhibit the inflammatory response.  In addition, the b.i.SECERT formula works to deactivate the underlying mechanisms of chronic inflammation's destructive processes by providing continuous natural antibiotic protection against infection, repairing inflamed tissue and dissolving hardened scar tissue, as well as simulteneously encouraging the development of healthy and normal connective tissue.      

Breast Implants and Chronic Breast Pain

CHRONIC BREAST PAIN:  According to an IOM (Institute of Medicine) report, as quoted in the latest FDA breast implant consumer handbook, chronic breast pain subsequent to breast augmention is "one of the primary reasons for implant removal and replacement."   Unfortunately, as the IOM report also pointed out, "few studies in the (breast implant) medical literature report information about pain."  What this means is that chronic pain following breast augmentation has not been well studied and therefore is not well understood.

Many women with chronic breast pain subsequent to implant augmentation exhibit other problems as well, problems like fibrosis, sensations of breast tightening or stiffness, unexplained chronic infection, and capsular contracture.  But some women experience only, or mainly, various degrees of pain with no other discernible problems.  Likewise, some women experience pain all the time, others just sporadically.  And, in the latter group, for some women the pain is usually traceable to a specific activity (anything from running, to vigorous sex, to even just lying face-down on one's chest), while for other women the pain seems random and unexplainable.  

b.i.SECRET has been specially formulated to address this wide and differing continuum of breast pain.  The reason b.i.SECRET can resolve all these different types of pain is because, unlike conventional pain-relievers, the ingredients in b.i.SECRET don't just "relieve" or numb the pain but instead work by actually resolving the underlying problems that are causing the pain.   

This is a central difference between conventional and alternative medicine.  Conventional medicine treats the most obvious or annoying symptom (in this case "pain") and tries to make that symptom go away or be experienced less intensely, even if (as is often the case) the underlying cause of that symptom has not been addressed or even understood.   Alternative medicine, on the other hand, looks for and then treats the underlying problems that are causing the symptom, and then, by resolving those deeper physiological problems (chronic inflammation, etc) the surface symptom is not merely and temporarily "relieved," but instead is truly and permanently resolved.

The ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been clinically observed and scientifically documented to result in a significant reduction in pain caused by surgery and/or chronic inflammation.  However, because b.i.SECRET works by resolving the deeper problems actually causing the symptomatic pain, the length of time necessary to achieve cessation of pain will be dependent on the length of time the problem has existed.

Thus, while the ingredients in b.i.SECRET are proven to provide a 50% reduction in inflammation and pain in the days and weeks right after surgery, in cases of longer-standing or chronic breast implant pain, the reduction in pain will be more gradual and will depend both on the amount of product taken and the degree of inflammation and tissue destruction present.

To understand better how b.i.SECRET will work to resolve the chronic inflamamation and other problems underlying the symptom of chronic breast pain, it will be helpful to understand one of the most destructive and pernicious inflammatory processes, "fibrosis." 

Breast implants and Fibrosis

FIBROSIS:   Fibrosis is an excessive development of connective tissue.  It is an abnormal variation of a normal response of the body's reparative process following injury or surgery, or as a reactive process when the body reacts (or, more accurately, over-reacts) in a defensive manner to an instigating agent (which can be a breast implant).  For instance, the creation of a fibrous capsule (composed of connective tissue) around a newly placed breast implant is a normal reaction -- the implant is a foreign object and the body seeks to isolate it in order to protect itself.  This happens with all implanted devices, not just breast implants.  However, if the body continues to defensively create a thicker and thicker capsule, this becomes an example of fibrosis.

No one knows exactly what instigates fibrosis, what triggers the body to shift from normal tissue repair or defense into the type of excessive and abnormal build-up of tissue that, for women following implant surgery, can result in tissue destruction and internal scarring with tightening and shrinking of both the fibrous capsule itself and of surrounding tissue, and eventually lead to breast tenderness, pain, lumpiness, and even disfigurment. 

Chronic inflammation certainly invites fibrosis by provoking tissue to "defend" itself against the inflammation, but merely inhibiting inflammation (say through the use of steroids) doesn't usually resolve fibrosis once it has been tirggered, because even if the inflammation were successfully suppressed and the process of fibrosis slowed or stopped, the previous fibrotic build-up and scarring would still remain.   

Successful healing of chronic breast implant problems involves a variety of processes, cells, and tissues, but arguably the most important is the connective tissue.  Ingredients in b.i.SECRET support development of healthy connective tissue by reinforcing the cross-linking of collagen that forms its matrix.  And, as a corollary benefit, as this new, normal and healthy connective tissue is stimulated, any old damaged or scarred tissue is cleaned up in the process.  Since chronic fibrosis leads to internal scarring of the tissues involved, understanding and addressing such scarring becomes important. 

Connective tissue plays an important role in scar formation.  Hypertrophic and keloid scars (scars that over-develop and result in significant skin deformation) are characterized by a prolonged phase of inflammatory (also called “immature”) scar formation, a phase that may last for months or even years without ever reaching the maturation phase.  In effect, the body keeps working so hard and ceaselessly to repair itself that it ends up undermining its own efforts. Continually reacting as though it had just been injured -- even months or years after surgery -- a prolonged hyper-inflammatory response can lead to excessive internal and/or external scarring and a subsequent and generalized tightening of the scarred tissues in and around the breast. 

The b.i.SECRET formula contains ingredients proven to reduce the inflammatory (immature) phase of scar formation while simultaneously enhancing the maturation phase of scar formation.  The faster the mature phase of scar formation is reached, the faster the wound heals and the less scarring (internal and external) occurs.

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