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Capsular Contracture and b.i.SECRET

Capsular contracture is a medical condition.  According to FDA regulations, it is illegal for any dietary supplement to claim to "treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure" a medical condition.  Due to its herbal constituents, b.i.SECRET is classified as a dietary supplement.  Therefore, it would be unlawful for b.i.SECRET to make any claims in regard to its ability to treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure capsular contracture, and b.i.SECRET makes no such claims.

However, we can say that b.i.SECRET is designed to address each of the specific symptoms that characterize capsular contracture such as chronic inflammation, infection, and fibrosis as well as the unnatural firmness, tightness, pain, and excessive scar tissue they can cause.   For a more in-depth description and discussion of these symptoms and of capsular contraction, read:

 Capsular Contracture Symptoms and Treatment

 How it Works "Chronic Inflammation and Capsular Contracture".

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