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Recommended daily dosages for b.i.SECRET

The product label gives two types of dosing:

  • an “initial” dosing of 6-8 capsules daily taken in three divided doses,
  • and a “maintenance” dose of 2-4 capsules daily taken in two divided doses. 

In general we recommend taking the "initial" dose until you acheive the results you desire.  Then, to maintain your results, switch to and continue on the "maintenance" dose.   However, individual dosing really depends on your specific goal.  Follow the guideline below.

If you're taking b.i.SECRET to:

  • -- PREPARE FOR BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY, then we recommend 4 capsules a day taken over one to two months prior to your surgery date but NOT in the two weeks just before your surgery date.
  • -- HEAL FROM RECENT BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY, then we recommend 6 - 8 capsules daily taken for the first four months after surgey.  Then, either discontinue taking b.i.SECRET or, to insure that you maintain your results, switch to a maintenance dose of 2 -4 capsules daily.
  • -- PREVENT BREAST IMPLANT PROBLEMS FROM DEVELOPING, then we recommend taking 2-4 capsules daily.
  • -- RESOLVE AN EXISTING BREAST IMPLANT PROBLEM, then we recommend 6-8 capsules daily until you achieve your desired result.  Then either discontinue taking b.i.SECRET or, to insure you maintain your results, switch to a maintenance dose of 2-4 capsules daily.

 We also recommend taking the your b.i.SECRET doses between meals and taking the last dose of the day just before bed. 

In addition, we recommend taking one day off per week in order to prevent developing a tolerance toward the formula.  This means that for every 6 days of taking the b.i.SECRET formula you'll abstain for one day.  Such regular abstinence actually makes the b.i.SECRET formula work better. 

NOTE:  If you do like like or for some reason are unable to swallow the capsules, the capsules can be emptied into a glass of juice, a protein drink, or other palatable liquid and may be taken that way.

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