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How fast will b.i.SECRET take effect?


How soon can I expect to see results?

The ingredients in b.i.SECRET go to work in the body immediately upon ingestion and continue to work as long as it is taken regularly. 

Each body is, of course, unique and the time needed to see results will vary depending on the following factors:  the severity of one's specific problems; whether those problems are of recent occurance or are long-standing;  and the overall state of one's health.  The following are general statements based on statistical averages.  As with all averages, a normal bell curve applies:  that is, there will be exceptions on either side of the bell curve, with some women healing more quickly and some more slowly than the "average."

Still, in general it can be stated that:

DIfferent degrees of severity of the same problem resolve at different speeds.   For instance, a case of inflammation that is neither wide-spread nor very severe is, in general, going to resolve more rapidly than a very extensive and severe case.  Likewise, as logic would suggest, research shows that more recent states generally respond faster than those that are long-standing.   This means that a woman taking b.i.SECRET soon after the appearance of a problem will, on average, see her desired results more prompty than a woman with long-standing breast implant problems.

Another factor, of course, is the general state of one's overall health.  Women in good to execellent health, with no major heatlh issues other than breast implant problems, generally see results faster than women for whom breast implant problems are just one of a multitude of other health issues.    This is especially true for women who daily take an unusually high number of prescription medications.

In general then, women in relatively good overall health taking b.i.SECRET within just a few months of developing a minor problem can expect to see results within just a few weeks to a couple of months. 

Women with severe and/or long-standing problems usually need to take the product at the "initial dosing" (4-8 capsules a day) for not less than 3 months and not more than 8 months in order to see a result.  For the fastest results, the upper dose of 8 capsules a day usually shows encouraging results within 3-6 months, whereas a dose of 4 capsules a day usually shows results within 6-8 months. Thus, again, as a general rule and as intuitive logic would suggest, the more product that is taken (within the suggested guidelines), the faster results will, as a general rule, be attained.

Obviously then, in the case of chronic breast implant problems, b.i.SECRET is not a "quick fix."  This highlights a central difference between conventional and alternative medicine.  Conventional medicine treats the most obvious or annoying symptom and tries to make that symptom disappear from one's perception or, at the very least, be perceived less intensely, and aims to do this as quickly as possible -- even when it means (as it often does) working directly against the body's own instincts for healing.   Disappearance of the symptom is the goal, with very often little or even no consideration of the underlying problems causing the symptom, nor of the unwanted possible side effects resulting from working against the body's own wisdom.

Alternative medicine, on the other hand, aims to treat the underlying problems that are actually causing the symptom(s), and aims to do this as gently and naturally as possible.  By addressing those deeper physiological problems, all symptoms are gradually but completely resolved and the body is, overall, made stronger through the process.

In summary, b.i.SECRET usually gives significant and quick results if taken within the first few months of a problem developing.  In more chronic cases, b.i.SECRET works more slowly precisely because it is working so deeply and thoroughly.  In such cases of long-standing problems, while immediately inhibiting inflammation and providing natural antibiotic protection, b.i.SECRET is also gradually repairing inflamed tissue and breaking up and dissolving hardened scar tissue, as well as simultaneously encouraging the cross-linking of collagen and thus the development of healthy and normal connective tissue.     This takes time but results in a more thorough and long-lasting resolution of problems.

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