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Any side effects from taking b.i.SECRET?

Possibly, but unlike the dangerous side effects of many conventional drugs, the potential “side effects” of b.i.SECRET are desirable, helpful, and supportive of optimal bodily functioning and beauty

In addition to the specific effects for which the b.i.SECRET formula was devised, some other clinically researched and documented effects of the ingredients in the formula have been:

  • anti-aging effects on the skin due to a strengthening of the collagen matrix
  • collagen stabilizing activity that may help prevent and/or reduce cellulite
  • natural, gentle appetite suppression
  • an increase in intracellular vitamin C levels, (higher intracellular vitamin C is correlated with a number of health benefits including firmer, younger looking skin)
  • improvement in vision and inhibition of glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal degeneration
  • prevention of free radical damage
  • easing of menstrual cramps
  • improvement in problems of venous insufficiency including: spider veins, skin ulcers, heaviness in legs, numbness, nighttime cramping
  • improvement of mental function with greater attention and concentration
  • mild anti-stress and anti-anxiety action
  • anti-aggregation effect on platelets (platelet aggregation is correlated with increased risk of strokes and heart attack)
  • reduction of symptoms in some auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, and gout
  • increased lung capacity and support in resolution of respiratory tract disease
  • usefulness as a digestive aid, reducing acid reflux, heart burn, and other digestive complaints and positively affecting conditions of pancreatic insufficiency

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