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Breast Augmentation and b.i.SECRET:  How it Works

How the Body Works
How b.i.SECRET works
   • Wound healing and scarring
   • Infection
   • Blunt trauma
   • Natural inflammatory response
   • Chronic Inflammation
b.i.SECRET – an answer that works

How the Body Works

To understand how and why b.i.SECRET works -- and just how revolutionary it is as a product for women with breast implants -- it will be helpful first to understand some basic information about how the body works and why it responds the way it does to breast augmentation surgery.

The body operates as a homeostatic organism.  That’s a biological term for saying that the body seeks to maintain a state of balance, a relatively stable or “static” state wherein it can function optimally.  Breast augmentation presents the body with a number of challenges to that stability:

  • Breast augmentation surgery requires an incision or wound be opened in the skin, the body’s delicate external armor, which initiates immediate efforts at healing, part of which involves scarring.
  • Such an opening in the skin also represents a source of potential infection, although infection can enter the body at any time and by varied routes.
  • In initial breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon creates a pocket in the muscles and/or tissue of the chest wall to accommodate the implants, a procedure akin to a type of blunt trauma to the body that results in swelling, bruising, edema, and pain.
  • To the body, the insertion of breast implants is an invasion by foreign objects -- “foreign” meaning not natural to the body and thus, from the body’s viewpoint, a potentially dangerous threat.  The body defends against this threat with a variety of natural inflammatory processes, among them the creation of a capsule of its own fibrous tissue around the implants to seal them off from the rest of the body. 
  • Over time, for reasons not well understood, the body may keep fighting this “invasion" and the result will be ongoing or chronic inflammation.  Such a chronic inflammatory response represents an endless defensive assault by the body on the “invading” implants and can manifest in a variety of destructive processes including infection, fibrosis, and internal scarring, tightening, shrinking and destruction of the tissues involved.  In some cases an over-development of connective tissue ("fibrosis") combined with a tightening or hardening of these chronically inflamed and scarred tissues (and/or of the fibrous capsule the body formed around the implant) results in a condition called “capsular contracture.”

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How (and why) b.i.SECRET works

The 100% natural ingredients in b.i.SECRET work with the body’s own healing instincts and innate wisdom.  By inhibiting inflammation and encouraging quick wound healing, mature collagen formation, normal connective tissue, minimal scarring, and natural antibiotic protection b.i.SECRET helps the body do what it naturally wants to do – heal, maintain, and protect itself -- and it helps the body to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Let's now address each of the above challenges in detail and see how b.i.SECRET can help the body respond to each one.


Select ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been clinically proven to reduce healing time from traumatic injury and/or surgery by over 50%.  By reducing inflammation and encouraging the body’s own natural mechanisms of wound repair and scar formation, ingredients in b.i.SECRET significantly affect the speed, efficiency, and efficacy of the body’s own spontaneous healing processes.

Wound Healing:  The body responds to breast augmentation surgery just as it does to a wound from an injury.  Wound healing represents a complex process of multiphasic effects of individual cells and specific tissues, specifically connective tissue.  Ingredients in b.i.SECRET support development of a normal connective tissue matrix at a wound site, a therapeutic action crucial to both quick and effective wound healing.

In addition, ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been clinically proven to encourage and actually hasten healing by a variety of other means including: stimulating vascularization of connective tissue; increasing the tensile integrity (strength) of the dermis; boosting structural components of connective tissue (such as hyaluronic acid and chondrotin sulfate); promoting keratination (strengthening via protein synthesis) of the epidermis; the activation of plasmin and subsequent breakdown of fibrin (an agent of inflammation); and the reduction of kinin levels (kinins cause inflammation, swelling and pain).

Scarring:  Connective tissue also plays a role in scar formation.  Hypertrophic and keloid scars (scars that over-develop and result in significant skin deformation) are characterized by a prolonged phase of inflammatory (also called “immature”) scar formation, a period that may last for months or even years without ever reaching the maturation phase.  In effect, the body keeps working so hard and ceaselessly to repair itself that it ends up undermining its own efforts. 

Continually reacting as though it had just been injured -- even months or years after the initial injury or surgery -- the prolonged hyper-inflammatory response can lead to excessive internal and/or external scarring and a subsequent and generalized tightening of the scarred tissues in and around the injury/surgery site.  And although “rippling” is a more common problem in saline implants (due to being underfilled), excessive internal scarring can contribute to rippling or lumpinness in both saline and silicone implants as scar tissue forms in ridges around the implant.

The b.i.SECRET formula contains ingredients proven to reduce the inflammatory (immature) phase of scar formation while simultaneously enhancing the maturation phase of scar formation.  The faster the mature phase of scar formation is reached, the faster the wound heals and the less scarring (internal and external) occurs.

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Post-surgical complications from implants have been correlated with infection.  Infection after breast augmenation is statistically most likely in the first few weeks or months following surgery, but it can occur at any time, even years later.  Though the source of such infection remains unclear, possibilities include:  bacterial contamination of the implant introduced during surgery; a secondary post-surgical infection; or even a pre-existing infection in the patient.  Since both the source and occurance of infection is so unpredictable, the potential for infection remains a serious concern for breast implant patients and their physicians.

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET provide proven natural antibiotic protection.  These select ingredients are scientifically proven to be as effective as conventional antibiotics in treating a variety of infectious processes including the deadly and dreaded “staph” (staphylococcal) infection so prevalent in hospitals and surgical centers today. 

Natural antibiotic formulas such as b.i.SECRET are preferable to synthetic antibiotics in a number of ways including:

  • natural antibiotics don’t deplete the good, healthy bacteria of the intestinal or gut lining that has been proven so necessary to overall health
  • allergic reactions to natural antibiotics are virtually unheard of while allergic reactions to synthetic antibiotics are fairly common and include: rash, edema, headache and nausea, fever, anaphylactic shock, and even death
  • natural antibiotics are not overused and thus do not encourage bacteria to “mutate” into ever more virulent forms, a process that is called “bacterial resistance” and that can put a person at risk when and if antibiotics are ever truly needed in life-threatening situations
  • natural antibiotics don’t suppress the immune system overall while synthetic antibiotics have been shown to inhibit white cell function (the cells which engulf and destroy harmful bacteria) and to actually inhibit antibody production, lowering the body’s immunity and thus increasing the likelihood of recurrent infections
  • in addition, natural antibiotics have none of the following adverse effects proven to result from certain antibiotics: depletion of B vitamins; binding with and thus depletion of calcium; hypertension; damage to the auditory nerve resulting in deafness; kidney damage; hepatitis; pancreatitis; diabetis mellitus

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3) BLUNT TRAUMA:  Bruising, Swelling, Edema, and Pain

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been clinically proven to reduce bruising, swelling, edema, and pain by over 50% following surgical procedures and/or blunt injury.  Such a reduction in overall inflammation translates into a 50% quicker healing time.  In surgeries the greatest effectiveness has been observed from a regimen that includes dosing both before and after surgery.

Bruising, Swelling, and Edema:  The body’s natural response to physical trauma is to produce a substance called “fibrin.”  Fibrin promotes an inflammatory walling off of the injured area that results in the following:  blocked blood vessels; poor tissue drainage (causing edema and swelling); and the production of kinins, (compounds that, in increasing vascular permeability, cause even more edema and pain).  Such congestion in the affected tissues contributes to the likelihood of the development of post-surgical compliations including seroma (accumulation of fluid at the surgical site) and/or hematoma (accumulation of blood at the surgical site).

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET inhibit the body’s inflammatory responses, step by step.  Fibrin, a basic component of the body’s inflammatory response, is broken down in a process known as fibrinolysis.  The matrix of inflamed tissue walling off the area is thereby immediately decreased.  This then reduces the plasma levels of kinins that, following blunt trauma, would normally flood the system.  Inhibition of kinins results in significantly reduced levels of inflammation, a result experienced by the patient as decreased bruising, swelling, edema, and pain.

In addition, through some specific anti-inflammatory effects (such as reducing post-surgical edema and congestion as well as the ability to digest byproducts and cellular debris after surgery/injury) ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been shown to discourage the development of post-surgical complications such as seroma and hematomas.  And when given to patients who have already developed such complications, these same ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been proven to increase the resorption rate (eg., the healing) of existing hematoma/seromas.

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET have been clinically proven to inhibit the body’s biological inflammatory processes, thereby reducing the bruising, swelling, edema, and pain BEFORE it begins rather than, as synthetic painkillers attempt to do, merely masking the effects or experience of those processes after they have happened. 

Pain:  Due to the processes outlined above, significant reduction in pain resulting from ingestion of the ingredients in b.i.SECRET has been clinically observed and scientifically documented.  This effect has been attributed less to an overtly analgesic (that is, pain-masking) effect than to a reduction in the actual causes of the pain itself -- that is, a reduction in the tissue inflammation, edema, and swelling that create the pain. 

In other words, the ingredients in b.i.SECRET don’t numb one’s experience of pain, but instead reduce pain by inhibiting the actual biological mechanisms that produce the pain.

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When a foreign object such as an implant is placed in the body the immune system initially reacts as though fighting off an invader.  The body’s first line of defense in this fight is inflammation.  Though such initial inflammatory responses are both natural and normal, if prolonged or excessive can, in addition to causing additional pain and discomfort, actually undermine the process of healing. 

Following implant surgery, ingredients in b.i.SECRET work not only to inhibit the body’s inflammatory response but simultaneously to promote quick and complete healing by:

  • encouraging the activation of plasmin and subsequent breakdown of fibrin, as well as the reduction of kinin levels, thereby reducing bruising, swelling, edema and pain;
  • increasing vascularization of connective tissue;
  • increasing the tensile integrity of the dermis;
  • increasing structural components of connective tissue;
  • increasing keratination of the epidermis;
  • encouraging mature collagen production and the cross-linking of collagen;
  • limiting both external and internal scarring;
  • providing continual, natural antibiotic protection.

During this initial period of adjustment the body, in an effort to defend against the "invading" implants, initiates a process of building a capsule of tightly woven fibrous tissue around them.  This is a normal and healthy response and occurs with all implants (including pacemakers, and artificial joint prosthetics such as artificial knees, hips, etc,) not just breast implants. 

Once this fibrous capsule is formed around the implant, effectively isolating it from the rest of the body, the body will usually relax its inflammatory defenses.  Sometimes, however, for reasons not yet well understood, even after the body has accomplished this initial encapsulation of the implant, the immune system keeps fighting the “invading” implant as though it is still a threat.  This "fight" manifests in a number of ways, the most characteristic being continual or "chronic" inflammation.



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“Chronic inflammation” is a general term for an ongoing inflammatory response that involves specific physiological mechanisms and substances (e.g.  , plasmin, fibrin, kinins, leukotrienes and others) and can include a number of destructive processes such as fibrosis, tissue shrinking, tightening, and scarring, and possible infection. 

There is a wide continuum of possible adverse effects from chronic inflammation after breast augmentation ranging from relatively mild to very severe.  These adverse effects are progressive and cumulative.  And both how (that is, in what form) and when they will manifest is unpredictable.

In some cases, the development of progressive inflammation may be rapid, appearing within the first few months following surgery, while in others the process may be more gradual, with a minor discomfort that at first seems minimal gradually but noticeably worsening over many months or years.  In still other cases, evidence of inflammation may just suddenly appear, seemingly at random and out of the blue, the destructive effects having perhaps been building silently over time and not becoming evident until many months or even years into the process.

The ingredients in b.i.SECRET are scientifically proven to work against both initial and chronic forms of inflammation.  With every dose ingredients in b.i.SECRET protect against any initial development of inflammation by actively inhibiting, step by step, the physiological mechanisms that create the inflammatory response.  By protecting against initial inflammation, chronic inflammation is averted.

In cases where chronic inflammation already exists, ingredients in b.i.SECRET use the same step by step deactivation of the underlying mechanisms of inflammation to support gradual healing of inflamed tissue while simultaneously encouraging the long-tern development, maintenance, and protection of healthy tissue. 

If unaddressed, excessive or prolonged inflammation can lead to noticeable symptoms such as swelling, tenderness, and discomfort, as well as more insidious and silent effects that can eventually result in destruction of the tissues involved.   Among other problems, such destruction may so weaken the tissue around the implant that it cannot adequately support the implant in its proper position, possibly resulting in implant displacement or "bottoming out."


Chronic inflammation and its concomitant destructive processes can also shrink and tighten the fibrous capsule around the implant (as well as surrounding tissue) causing palpable stiffening and/or hardening of the breasts and, in some cases, even visible distortion of the breast as the capsule shrinks and contracts.  This results in a condition called “capsular contracture.”



Capsular contracture is characterized by an inflammatory process called “fibrosis,” defined as an excessive development of connective tissue.  In a woman with new implants fibrosis is the means by which the body, in a response as defensive as it is reparative, builds a fibrous capsule around the new implant.  This reponse is normal and occurs with all implants, not just breast implants.

If that response becomes excessive, however, and the body continues to defensively create a thicker and thicker capsule, the result can be eventual tightening, shrinking, internal scarring, and hardening of both the fibrous capsule and/or surrounding tissue. 

The degree of tightening or "contracture" of the breast is rated on a scale from 1-4 with 4 being the most extensive and painful contracture and hardening.  Conventional medical treatment typically involes the use of steroids, anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs with undesirable and potentially dangerous side-effects (See more on this below under Chronic Inflammation and Current Treatments). 

In cases of very painful or disfiguring contracture, a woman sometimes opts for surgical removal and/or replacement of the implant(s).   In an  alternative procedure called an open capsulectomy, the surgeon removes the contracted capusle but leave the implant in place.  Another surgical option called an open capsulotomy, involves scoring or slicing open the contracted fibrous capsule around the implant(s) in order to free the implant from the contracted capsule, but without removal of the capsule.  (Another procedure called a “closed capsulotomy,” in which a physician manually attempts to break the capsule around the implant by squeezing the breast, has largely been abandoned by most doctors due to its pain, complications, and ineffectiveness.)

To summarize, capsular contracture is a condition characterized by a number of well understood processes (chronic inflammation and its various manifestations including fibrosis, tissue tightening and shrinking, and excessive internal scarring) and yet unknown causes (that is, what initially triggers that chronic inflammation and ultimate tissue destruction). 

Ingredients in b.i.SECRET support the development of normal, healthy connective tissue, the collagen rich fibrous webbing that gives our skin its structural integrity.  By encouraging the reinforcement of the natural cross-linking of collagen that forms that connective tissue, as well as providing proven anti-inflammatory properties, the ingredients in b.i.SECRET may discourage fibrosis and complications that can arise from it.

In supporting both initial post-surgical healing and long-term development and maintenance of healthy skin and tissue, the ingredients in b.i.SECRET offer ongoing protection to women with breast implants.  Such protection is especially important since the occurance of chronic inflammation following breast augmentation is unpredictable and its cause(s) still not well understood.


Although the specific physiological mechanisms and destructive processes that characterize chronic inflammation are understood (and have been described above), no definitive theory has yet been accepted as to what actually causes or instigates that chronic inflammatory response in the first place. 

It remains a mystery why the chronic inflammation that can lead to a continuum of adverse effects -- from relatively mild effects like occasional discomfort and unnatural breast firmness to severe effects like fibrosis, and tightening, shrinking, scarring and hardening of the tissue around a breast implant -- occurs in some women and not in others, and in some cases, in only one breast of a woman but not in the other.  It is equally a mystery why such inflammation occurs sometimes right after surgery and in other cases not until years later

Research conducted with the aim of figuring out this mystery has been inconclusive.  At present, it has only been confirmed that incidences of chronic inflammation (and one of its manifestations, “capsular contracture”) seem to be correlated with the presence of bacterial infection.  And while the initiating source of that infection continues to be debated, likely theories include bacterial contamination of the implant itself during surgery, a secondary infection acquired months or even years later, or even a pre-existing infection in the patient before surgery. 


Ingredients in b.i.SECRET work as natural antibiotics and have been proven to be as effective as conventional antibiotics without any of the negative side effects or dangers associated with the latter.  (Natural antibiotic compounds such as the ingredients in the b.i.SECRET formula are preferable to synthetic antibiotics in a number of ways.  For a discussion of this read How it Works: Infection.)  Since natural antibitoics have none of these side effects they may be taken long term for safe, effective, and natural protection against infection.  Given that both the source and occurance of infection following breast augmentation is so unpredictable, continuous antibiotic protection makes sense for all women with breast implants.


Research also indicates that chronic inflammation is more likely with subglandular (vs submuscular) placement of the implant, and also more likely with silicone as opposed to saline implants.  b.i.SECRET contains ingredients proven to inhibit inflammation so no matter what kind of implant or implant placement a woman chooses, she has a continuous natural anti-inflammatory working to discourage any new or initial inflammation and/or to heal already existing chronic inflammation.

Whatever its cause (or causes) the potential for chronic inflammation and its local complications and destructive results is a very real and frustratingly unpredictable problem for women with breast implants.  By offering continuous natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory protection, as well as encouraging the development and ongoing maintenance of normal and heatlhy tissue, the ingredients in b.i.SECRET address the unpredictable nature of chronic inflammation and complications following breast augmentation and offer a safe, effective, and clincially proven natural alternative


Such a safe and natural alternative presents a welcome option to women with breast implants, especially given that the existing conventional treatments for chronic inflammation all have documented problems or dangers.



Current treatment options to deal with chronic inflammation subsequent to complications from breast augmentation are varied, but each carries its own limitations, disadvantages, and/or dangers.  Three of these – medication, ultra-sound, and massage -- are discussed below.

1) Medication:

Conventional treatment of chronic inflammation following local complications from breast implants has been largely limited to the use of pharmaceutical drugs, specifically NSAIDs (non-steoroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and the use of steroids, both of which are discussed below.

NSAIDs: These synthetic drugs act mainly as analgesics, masking the pain and discomfort of chronic inflammation while failing to address its deeper biological mechanisms and causes.   As a result, NSAIDs can actually worsen inflammatory tissue destruction by superficially masking the pain that would normally alert a patient to the continuation of an on-going, destructive inflammatory condition. 

Pharmaceutical Drugs: The drug “Zifurlukast,” sold under brand name Accolate, and the drug “Montelukast” sold as Singulair, are both best known as asthma drugs.   However, their use as suppressants of asthmatic inflammatory responses has led to their prescription for a variety of inflammatory ailments including complications following breast implant surgery. 

Unfortunately, these drugs are implicated in a number of dangerous and even life threatening side effects.   Especially troubling in their use for breast implant problems is that, according to the manufacturer's own enclosed package insert, "women are at much higher risk" of suffering these side effects which include "fulminant hepatitis, progressing on occasion to hepatitic (liver) failure, liver transplantation, and even death.”

These specific drugs have also been implicated in psychiatric disorders listed as “agitation including aggressive behavior, anxiousness, dream abnormalities and hallucinations, depression, insomnia, irritability, restlessness, suicidal thinking and behavior (including suicide), tremor, severe mood changes (culminating in) suicidal behaviors and actions.” (quoted from: and and

In addition to these overt dangers, the overall mechanism of both NSAIDs and these other drugs may be undesirable since they do nothing to actually help the body to heal.   On the contrary, in merely suppressing the body’s own natural responses such medications work against the body’s own instincts for healing.  Remember, inflammation is initially a normal healing response -- so when the body's inflammatory response is merely suppressed without the physiological purpose of that response (which is to heal and protect the body) being addressed, the body may just redouble its inflammatory efforts, and the result can, in the long run, be even worse inflammation.


b.i.SECRET offers a very different approach.    Although the anti-inflammatory action of b.i.SECRET formula is in some ways the same as that of Accolate and Singulair (they all inhibit "leukotrienes," which are molecules that contribute to inflammation), -- the cumulative ingredients in the b.i.SECRET formula and their effects are very different than those of pharmaceutical drugs.

To begin with, b.i.SECRET's 100% natural ingredients have no toxicity and no dangerous side effects.  In addtiion, b.i.SECRET's ingredients inhibit inflammation in a number of ways, leukotirene inhibition being just one of these. 

Unlike these conventional medicines prescribed for chronic inflammation, b.i.SECRET works with the body’s own natural instincts to promote deep tissue health and healing by addressing the underlying destructive processes that characterize chronic inflammation.  Whereas these pharmacuetical drugs simply numb the pain (NSAIDs) or block the physiological mechanism (steroids) of inflammation, b.i.SECRET works by addressing the underlying processes that create such chronic inflammation.  Thus, instead of working against the body to mask its pain and /or suppress its experience, the natural ingredients in b.i.SECRET work with the body using its own physiological mechanisms to deactivate the processes creating that inflammation.

Such an approach not only deactivates the underlying processes of inflammation but also actively promotes the healing of already inflamed tissues while simultaneously encouraging the development of normal and healthy tissue.  Thus the inflammtory response isn't just suppressed or blocked but -- working with the body's own instincts and mechanisms for healing -- is on every level, resolved.  And with b.i.SECRET that resolution is 100% natural and 100% safe.

2) External ultrasound:

In the past few years there have been some encouraging results reported from the use of external ultrasound used to “break up” accumulated scar tissue surrounding breast implants.   Yet due to a lack of scientific study and documentation of effects, these results remain largely anecdotal and the treatment itself unproven.  Thorough study is complicated by the fact that only a few clinics in the U.S. offer the treatment, so there are as yet no established standards for treatment, and the treatments themselves are expensive and require long-term commitment without any guarantee of success or improvement.

In addition, reports have begun to surface which suggest that the inevitable heating of the implant involved in ultrasound therapy may seriously compromise the integrity of the implant shell, weakening it and leaving it vulnerable to spontaneous disintegration.   There have also been reports of the breast itself being burned.

3) Massage:

Routine breast massage following implant surgery has been recommended by doctors for years.   Regular manual massage is presumed to help break up tightened and scarred tissues around the implant before they become hardened, thus decreasing one’s chances for developing serious post-op complications.

While massage is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, it is not a guaranteed solution.   Almost all women who report serious complications following breast augmentation attest to having faithfully massaged their breasts according to their doctor’s instructions.   It seems the inflammatory process in some women defies any attempts to prevent or circumvent it through manual massage. 

In addition, vigorous massage or other manipulation of breasts (say by lying face down on the floor and purposely “compressing” the breasts) in an attempt to break up tightened and scarred tissues may be counter-productive, further irritating the already irritated and thus fragile tissue around the breast and thereby actually increasing and/or exacerbating the inflammatory response.

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Though varied and complex, the challenges presented to a woman's body by breast implants are nonetheless intuitively understandable.  This is because although breast implants are obviously not "natural," the body's responses to breast implants are natural.

As seen through the lens of herbal medicine, these responses are not (as conventional medicine would have us believe) a battle to be fought, and won or lost, but instead represent a physiological negotiation that can, gently and naturally, be resolved.  Herbal medicine doesn't view the body as an enemy to be subdued or suppressed but as instead what we all intuitively know it is -- a lifelong companion worthy of our respect, attention, and very best continual care.

When the body manifests symptoms in reponse to breast implants -- whether in the weeks right after surgery or many months or even years later -- rather than trying to suppress or mask those symptoms, herbal medicine seeks to understand the deeper physiological problem beneath those symptoms.  By then working with the body's own natural instincts to resolve this deeper problem, both the underlying problem and its surface symptoms are resolved, and, as an added bonus, the body is overall made stronger and healthier in the process.

As a unique and revolutionary herbal medicine, b.i.SECRET works in this way with your body's own innate wisdom to continually meet, negotiate, and resolve each and every one of the challenges breast implants may present.

b.i.SECRET works.  It works in both the short and the long term because it works with not against your body’s own impulses to heal, maintain, and protect itself.  Which actually means, of course, that it works with not against YOU -- because your body isn’t something apart from you but is rather a living expression and manifestation of you.

b.i.SECRET works as a daily gift of self-care, self-love, and self-expression all wrapped up in one safe, effective, economical and 100% natural product that's guaranteed to help you attain and then maintain the body of your dreams.

b.i.SECRET -- an answer that works.... naturally.

Try b.i.SECRET today, risk free!

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